Boredom during COVID19

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After weeks of hunting for something to do (which is actually on-and-off) and on absolutely no demand, I will be trying to write my experiences and fears as a software engineer, or anything that I have learnt or learning. Also, it will let me use this site a personal cache of things that I have learnt and i know where to look instead of doing all of the research again.

This may turn into such a disaster that people at ARPA may start contemplating about their work !


These entries are more like logs and not meant for technical depth or accuracy

These blog entries would be more like logs and not meant for technical depth on any matter mentioned in the blog and may not guarantee correctness of the subject matter. If someone feels like correcting me and get a feeling "Should I tell him", please raise an Issue/PR to whatever place these blogs will be hosted, that will help me learn.

These entries may not have a structure/essense that is understandable to living creatures

From what I know about my writing skills, the logs may be highly asynchronous, hence all of it may not make sense. It would seem more like a tsunami of thoughts and me struggling to write all of it down.

Some entries may go beyond the general comfort levels of depth

Some entries may dig deep into some seemingly obvious things or just that I was under some rock and didn't know about it. It could be like a story to the Aha! moment of me discovering something new that everyone in the world knew about.

The blog may contain stuff that you would never want to use

The entries may contain my experience of learning something new by building it, inspired by danistefanovic/build-your-own-x. Which means, the content of the entry describing something may be present at a different place at a might higher quality. If I refer those resource, they will be linked as references.

With that being said, we may be in a safe place to begin.